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I help companies and organizations solving product problems using a User Centre Design approach.

All my UX Design skillset is focus on getting the perfect equilibrium between business requirements and user needs.

Business model validation

Business model validation and product concept

New businesses should only invest in what works and find new ideas for what doesn’t. Business model validation helps you systematically reduce uncertainty in your business models and value propositions.

  1. Identify and track key business model hypotheses.

    We extract hypotheses from your business model and value proposition to capture what must be true for your idea to work. It’s important to prioritize your hypotheses to ensure you are validating the riskiest first.

  2. Test hypotheses with customers

    By testing hypotheses with your target audience, countless of hours and resources can be saved. We design and prioritize tests that will deliver evidence and insights, to prove your hypotheses valid or invalid.

  3. Pivot and iterate business model based on customer interactions

    Based on the inputs gathered, we assist you in iterating your business model, to make sure there is a product-market fit.

UX/UI audit

I´ll visually inspect your product’s interface for usability issues and areas for improvement. We rate how well your site or application adheres to best practices and user interface principles to make the findings actionable.

  1. Heuristics evaluation

    We review metrics and key usability factors that affect conversions using a set of various diagnostic tools that anonymously track user behavior and website performance.

  2. Expert UX review

    We develop multiple hypotheses as to why visitors perform the way they do, and not in the way the company expected them to

  3. Usability testing

    The issues identified in a heuristic evaluation are different than those found in a usability test. Watch and listen to customers use your designs, and let our usability experts deliver deep user insights about your product.

UX / UI Audit
UX Strategy

Product and UX Strategy

I can support you defining every aspect of the user experience before initiating the design phase, you’re giving your team direction for all aspects of the design. This means fewer misunderstandings, and less rework and resource wastage during the design process.

Some common approaches include:

Stakeholder Interviews

  • What is the scope of the project?
  • What is the company’s mission?
  • What are the goals and objectives of this product?
  • What is the budget?
  • What defines success for this project?
  • What success can the user experience deliver?

User Research

  • Who are the target users?
  • What devices are they using?
  • What problems do they need solved and how are they currently solving them?
  • Why they are or aren’t using the product? (for existing products)

Competitive Research and Analysis

  • What is the competition doing?
  • Is there an opportunity to create a unique value proposition?

Often, a UX Strategy can take the form of a document containing the information learned during the discovery phase: This document can be used to guide the product team and keep everyone working towards the same goal.

Design thinking workshop facilitation

Design thinking is a structured process to design solutions for the complex problems businesses face today. Understanding your customers’ thoughts, motivations, actions helps you to design better digital products, services and experiences. Today’s most successful and innovative organizations are focused on being customer-centric, and yours can be too.

I work in these 3 steps:

Customer empathy

First, we’ll dive into the world of your customers to understand their needs and identify opportunities. Here, we walk you through the concepts of ethnographic research, customer journey mapping, and opportunity mapping.

2. Prototyping and validation

Turning gathered insights into prototypes to create the right solutions for the right problem takes practice. We dive into the basics of concept development and creation.

3. Implementation

The last step of the design process is implementation. We will use frameworks, sample agendas and toolkits to integrate the new tools into your own projects

Design Thinking
UX Trainning

UX training

I can support you and your organization with all about the stages of the product design process, discovery, design and evaluation, as well as the principles of user-centred design and the UX tools and techniques you can use.

These are some of the topics that I can cover:

  • UX research methods and planning

  • Prototyping

  • Data analysis

  • User experience basics

  • Visual design

  • Promoting UX across your organisation

  • Design systems

  • Design Workflows

On-demand UX research and consulting

Many of my clients have their own in-house UX design teams. From time to time, however, during research-heavy stages of their product development process, they run short of research or design capabilities, here is where I can support your organization.
On demand UX Design Services

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